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Bark Rim Wood Bowl

Bark Rim Wood Bowl

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One-of-a-kind - Bringing Nature indoors!


Two Homes Original
Handmade in USA
Real Wood with Natural Bark rim

Sealed with a food grade sealant. However, it is not recommended for liquid foods or oils. Dry, wrapped, or food with rinds is recommended. Do not immerse in water.

Natural color variations, flecks, and may have some natural minor fractures/cracks in the wood. Natural warping may occur.
Shape created out of a wood block with a Lathe

Size: 3" height, 8" diameter.

Recommended Use:
Decoration or for whatever functional, non-wet food related purpose.

Cleaning: Do not soak bowl. Wipe with a dry or mildly damp cloth, then dry completely.


Please message me with any questions!

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