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Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup

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Materials: Soft medical-grade silicone. BPA free.

Production: Produced in Finland in an office powered by renewable energy

Use: wash your hands first, fold the menstrual cup in on itself to flatten it and then fold it in half to make a C-shape. Get into a comfortable position and relax. Keep the cup folded and guide it into the vagina, rim first. To remove: Grasp the bottom of the cup and gently squeeze to break the seal — don’t pull the stem, it will just make the suction stronger. Empty out the contents of the cup into the toilet. Wash off, if possible, then reinsert.

Size Guide:  

Size 1:  Light to normal flow. Anything from spotting to light bleeding. If you normally find yourself changing a low or regular-absorbency tampon or pad two to three times a day, this is the size for you. Made of softer silicone than size 2. However, all Lunette Menstrual Cups are soft and pliable.

  • The diameter is 41 mm (1.6 inches) by 47 mm (1.9 inches).
  • The stem measures 25 mm (1 inch).
  • The volume of the cup is 25 ml (0.85 fl oz).
  • Measuring lines: 5ml (0.17oz) and 13.5ml (0.46oz).

Size 2:  The Lunette Cup Model 2 is made of a firmer silicone than the Model 1, offering more protection from heavy bleeding.

If you’re used to anything from moderate bleeding to very heavy bleeding, then the Lunette Cup Model 2 was made with you in mind. Choose this size if you typically find yourself changing high-absorbency tampons and pads every two to four hours, or more frequently.

  • The diameter is 46 mm (1.8 inches) by 52 mm (2 inches).
  • The stem measures 20 mm (0.8 inches).
  • The volume of the cup is 30 ml (1.0 fl oz).
  • Measuring lines: 7.5ml (0.25oz) and 15ml (0.5oz) 

Care: Sanitize before and after your period by boiling in a deep pot (to prevent burning) for 5-10 minutes. During use, wash with hot water and natural soap or a Lunette cleansing cloth.


Leaving your cup to soak can help to remove discoloration and smells. Rubbing alcohol, lemon juice or a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar are all great natural ingredients that you use to freshen up your cup. After soaking for an hour, just make sure to boil your cup for 20 minutes to remove any residue.

End of use: Compost or recycle packaging. For the cup, burn it; once burned, the ash of the silicone cup can be composted.

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