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Brush and Dishcloth Trio

Brush and Dishcloth Trio

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You will receive 1 dish brush, 1 replacement head for brush, and 1 reusable dishcloth.


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1. These Swedish discloths are eco-friendly, sturdy, hygienic, economical, and versatile.

Replaces 17 rolls of paper towels. Lasts 6-9 months. Absorbs 20x its weight. 100% compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable.

CONTENTS: 70% cellulose* (FSC-Certified**). 30% organic cotton (FairTrade & GOTS***)

USE: Wash dishes. Wipe up spills. Clean mirrors. Use streak-free on most surfaces. Air dries fast, so it doesn’t breed bacteria like a sponge.

REUSE: Wash up to 200 times in top rack of dishwasher or in washing machine.

Made in the CT, USA


* Cellulose is an insoluble substance which is the main constituent of plant cell walls and of vegetable fibers such as cotton
** Forest Stewardship Counsel. FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests.
*** Global Organic Textile Standard



A sustainable dish brush that is great for kitchen and general household cleaning, especially for dishes, pots, and pans with stains and grease.

Researchers have found that brushes are better alternatives than kitchen sponges which harbors germs and bacteria and need replacing very often.

Shop refill heads only here.


  • sisal fibre: sisal is a natural fiber from the agave sisalana plant, stronger and more durable than other natural fibers. it is resistant to bacteria, mildew, and oil
  • ergonomic design: easy to hold with a string to hang dry
  • kitchen essential: handy for handwashing light grease but also convenient for a quick rinse before machine wash
  • Made of bamboo which is a highly sustainable resource
  • brush pots, dishes, and other surfaces with dish soap as needed

**to replace the Sisal Dish Brush head, please be as gentle as possible to be safe**:

  1. use pillars to pinch the metal piece
  2. pull the brush head and the brush handle in opposite sides slowly to remove the old brush head
  3. slide on a new brush head until the metal piece back to its original position to hold it tight


  • rinse with water after each use and air dry with the bristle facing down
  • clean bristles (as needed) with vinegar to kill bacteria
  • avoid soaking in water to prevent cracks
  • avoid placing in dishwasher
  • place away from high heat or flames


  • repurpose the brush for shoe cleaning, general house cleaning, gardening, etc. check the city's waste management info before disposal
  • if unsure, always consider composting in the backyard over throwing into the garbage
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